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Looking for a special lingerie is (among friends called Dragons drag chain) encountered a quite unusual lingerie Christian Dietrich.
Since this type lingerie is not easy to find or there are very expensive to buy, he has summarily decided that I can. After intensive research on the Internet, rings wholesale shopping at Ebay and other providers, it went off. The beginning was not easy. But the whole is quite a puzzle. After a long search, the artist has found a suitable supplier in Canada and the whole project took shape. With lots of patience and ambition was the first piece.
Proudly presents the first part was in a swingers club in Munich. The response was equal, everyone wanted to know where the woman has it and where you can get something.
Hardly at home more ideas were spun and immediately put into practice umgesetzt.Heute after about a year, the artist has already made a good name and his works are very popular.
The workplace of Dragons chain consists of an approximately 2 to 1 meter large table, where you will stack the cans with different rings, fasteners, pliers, precious stones and other business essentials. A large laptop is still in the corner, so that the artist can constantly keep in touch with his fans and friends. Across the living room mannequins are distributed to those in progress and finished pieces of art can be seen. The whole looks very messy, but also shows what passion in the artist inserted.
In loving detail creates a customized lingerie for every woman and every man. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings complete the sexy outfit.
Between 2000 (single BH) and 15,000 (full dress) rings have opened and closed again linked.
In this very tedious way arise the extravagant lingerie.
The matching models and photographers was also not easy to find. After a long search on the internet, various club visits and many personal contacts, the artist discovers on Facebook Lilly Ladina.
Lilly was immediately impressed by his works, and has established the contact to Paris Pink & Svan, this was the perfect combination of photographer and model.
Since Chris does everything for his lingerie on, he was on his way from Landsberg to Berlin.
There, the beautiful pictures of the lingerie chain with Lilly Ladina emerged. Svan of staged and photographed.
Besides his chain lingerie, Chris still loves his royal blue Corvette Stingray built in 1975. Unfortunately for the old lady of the road to Berlin is a bit far, so the artist has to make those long journeys, often by train or plane.
If time permits, his creative brain is constantly busy with new ideas. Chris has tried many things in his life. Zimmermann, postal worker, his own print and ink store, kite making and internet shop, etc, etc. .....
You can see the man's ideas never go out.
Who would like to meet the artist and his works in person, just check it out on Facebook or attended one of his performances in various clubs in Germany or Switzerland.